Gain a competitive advantage with
next-gen supply chain planning

Why it’s time to eliminate the silos and make the move to next-generation supply chain planning.

The world is changing, yet planners are still using Excel to consolidate their plans. They’re also stuck in systems with planning fundamentals that are siloed, where each stage of supply and demand happens in linear sequence across independent functions.

Companies have spent millions on multiple ERP instances and bolted-on planning modules, and everyone from planners to executives are feeling the pain:

  • Planners are frustrated and using spreadsheets to consolidate plans that are outdated before they’re complete.

  • IT is tired of dealing with the ongoing integration and connection issues across multiple systems.

  • Executives are upset about making big investments that yield only small results.

In this Aberdeen research report, learn why a siloed approach to planning can’t deliver on today’s expectations and how a modern concurrent planning approach is the answer to today’s supply chain challenges.

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