Avaya's multi-year supply chain transformation began with a vision. That vision was fuelled by a desire to spend less time on low-value, reactionary activities (like translating and moving data) and more time on high-value, proactive activities that would have a real impact on the business.

In this case study published by Aberdeen Group, learn how Avaya:
  • Implemented a long-term, five phase action plan based on a clear vision of what needed to happen and what success would look like
  • Addressed challenges common to many organizations, including disparate processes, multiple ERP systems and lack of supply chain visibility
  • Used technology as an enabler, coupled with people and process to create a supply chain organization focused on continuous improvement and innovation

P.S. We’re particularly fond of this case study because Avaya chose RapidResponse® as their single supply chain planning system, forming the overall foundation for their successful transformation.

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Download Case Study