Changing Mental Models

Jessie Chimni, Vice President of Consulting Services, Bristlecone
Lora Cecere
, Founder of Supply Chain Insights
Trevor Miles
, vice president, thought leadership, Kinaxis

Globalization and off-shoring... Demand and supply volatility... Product portfolio explosion... Partner collaboration and visibility…Acceleration of market changes…Revenue and profit considerations… 

As market challenges become ever more acute, S&OP has become ever more critical. Yet, most organizations are stuck. Their technologies and processes are no longer working for them. Simply put, their needs have evolved past what their current approach to S&OP can deliver. And they are not quite sure what to do next. Technologies have improved and there is ample opportunity to fully leverage them to gain performance improvements, but it requires the organization to change their view on how to approach both the process challenge and the technology solution.


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