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Digital transformation for the automotive supply chain

Driverless cars, electricity-charged vehicles. The automotive industry is experiencing change unlike any time in history.

With this change comes a breadth of challenges and wealth of opportunities that are forcing the industry to rethink supply chain processes and business strategy.

New digital technologies will play a key role in overcoming planning issues, while helping companies thrive in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

In this on-demand webinar, join David Thomas, Director, Global Capacity Planning, Ford Motor Company (ret.) and Manik Sharma, VP, Global Industry Strategy & Solutions, Kinaxis, as they explore how Kinaxis can pave the way to a digital supply chain transformation, with a real-world use case from Ford.

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David Thomas, Director, Global Capacity Planning, Ford Motor Company (ret.)
With a career spanning nearly 40 years with one of the world’s most iconic automotive brands, David G. Thomas played an integral part in delivering on Ford’s promise of supply chain excellence. Thomas has held several senior leadership roles at Ford across the globe in operations, sales and marketing. As Director of Global Capacity Planning, he initiated and led the implementation of the next-generation global Sales & Operations Planning system across all Ford worldwide operations, the first global supply chain system for the company.

Manik Sharma, VP, Global Industry Strategy & Solutions, Kinaxis
With more than 20 years in supply chain solutions, Manik Sharma drives digital supply chain transformation for Kinaxis customers. Bringing a strong focus on business value, metrics and benchmarking, and increased customer adoption, Manik helps customers innovate their supply chains to derive maximum benefit from their relationship with Kinaxis.

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