The challenges of global supply chain management (SCM) have never been greater. Increased outsourcing, shrinking product lifecycles, intensifying economic pressures, and constant changes in supply, demand, and product make supply chain optimization harder than ever. Existing systems generate plans that become obsolete the moment they're finished, while spreadsheets and ad hoc databases lack the visibility and collaborative capabilities organizations need to swiftly and effectively monitor and respond to change. Yet today's on-demand supply chain management solutions offer new promise in enabling companies to:
  • Understand opportunity and rapidly conduct risk trade-off and response
  • Quickly and accurately analyze the impacts of proposed SCM solutions
  • Manage external relationships and respond to unplanned events
  • Give multiple users a single, real-time version of the truth
  • Meet operations performance goals without overtaxing IT resources
Download this white paper to learn how on-demand supply chain management software can help you gain these benefits—and how to choose the right SCM solution for your business.

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Four Essential Requirements for
Today's Global Supply Chain Management Solutions:

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