Nucleus Research recognizes Kinaxis® as a leader in its Control Tower Value Matrix

Automation and collaboration are the two key capabilities Nucleus Research called out when ranking technology solutions in its recently published Control Tower Value Matrix. The research firm named Kinaxis a leader for our concurrent planning capabilities, which help customers gain better visibility and control of their operations by connecting data, processes and people into a single environment.

The report also explores the evolution of supply chain control towers from tools that deliver visibility, to ones that foster collaboration and enable automation. Kinaxis has been providing both for years.

Check out the Control Tower Value Matrix for an in-depth review of the top 13 control tower vendors, and learn why Kinaxis RapidResponse® was ranked as a leader.

Download research report:

Trinity Industries Inc.
Lockheed Martin

Revolutionize your supply chain planning with Kinaxis RapidResponse®. Our concurrent planning capabilities connect your data, processes and people in a single platform across business functions.