Today’s reality of change and compromise makes it tough to balance supply and demand. Connecting technology, processes, and people is a requirement to deliver significant and sustainable breakthroughs in operating costs, productivity and financial performance. Having the ability to concurrently and continuously plan, monitor and respond in a single environment and across business functions is key to realizing this value.

In the following video clips, hear how companies like Trinity Rail, Anritsu and Merck are leveraging technology to achieve supply chain successes.

Single source of truth
Connecting disparate supply chain solutions or modules doesn’t mean you’ve integrated supply chain processes. Value is derived when technology is used to drive tangible business outcomes, not just run individual functions. This can only happen if you are orchestrating the value chain from a single system.
Technology can quickly process data, but humans understand uncertainty and compromise. Combine the knowledge and experience of people to resolve complex supply chain issues with RapidResponse to gain human judgment and collaboration. With this breakthrough, not only will you know the operations performance impact of unplanned supply chain events, you will also know who is impacted, why, and what options are available to regain control.
End-to-end visibility
When data visibility is limited and information flow is slow, companies struggle to get a quick and comprehensive view across the global supply chain network. With RapidResponse, you gain an integrated and live view of the extended, global supply chain… not just your internal operations. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to "crunch" through data to get an accurate understanding of current business realities; and combine supply chain visibility with powerful analytical tools so you can work directly with the information to understand the impact of different scenarios.
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Sense and Respond
Whatever the change, planned or otherwise, you must know when an event has occurred and the cascading events that will occur as a result. In these clips, customers describe how they are making informed risk decisions, performing scenario analysis, and creating an agile response.
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