Don't let the allure of shiny delivery drones or self-diagnosing equipment fool you into believing artificial intelligence (AI) functionality only exists in supply chain execution. You can put AI to use in supply chain planning – and you don’t have to wait for a leap forward in technology to do it. The capabilities, at least in part, exist today.

Using concurrent planning and AI, you can take supply chain planning beyond the limits of human capabilities. This white paper by Trevor Miles, Thought Leader, Kinaxis, explores:
  • The evolution of AI in supply chain planning
  • Building the right foundation with concurrent planning
  • Big data and enhanced visibility
  • Advanced analytics and scenario simulation
  • Machine learning and human-to-machine collaboration
  • Challenges to implementing AI
  • Where the future of AI is headed

Using AI is about more than just adopting the latest and greatest technology. It’s about finding ways to drive new value across your supply chain planning processes. Let us show you how.

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Trevor Miles
Thought Leader, Kinaxis
As a Thought Leader at Kinaxis, Trevor serves as an expert source - both internally for Kinaxis, as well as for customers, prospects, industry analysts and journalists. Known throughout the supply chain field, he has published many articles, presented at various industry events, and is the primary contributor to the Kinaxis 21st Century Supply Chain blog.

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