Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is about piloting daily operations and monthly plans towards the long-term goals of your organization. However, the multitude of ways in which S&OP is being executed shows it can mean very different things to different companies. Add to this an emerging interpretation and expectation for the S&OP that includes better, broader goals, and it's time for a level-set!

That’s where our S&OP in the 21st Century eBook comes in. Get a concise overview of sales and operations planning and what it takes to build a more mature process. In addition to discussing the ingredients of S&OP, the four keys to S&OP effectiveness and the technological capabilities needed for success, this eBook links to additional resources (like research, videos, papers, blogs and more) to quickly bring you up-to-speed on advanced S&OP processes.
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S&OP in the 21st century