In a world of increasing volatility and complexity, supply chains across industries face similar challenges. How are best-in-class companies adapting to meet these different obstacles?
Hear supply chain leaders from various global organizations discuss how they are moving to a centralized supply chain operating model, extracting meaningful insights from the mass of data available and understanding technology trends shaping supply chain management.
Merck's End-to-End Supply Chain Vision
In this interview, Andy Walker, Head of Supply Chain Strategy with Merck, details the company's new approach to collaborative planning, including how it headed off resistance to change from internal users.

(Duration: 11:01)
Schneider Electric Charts an End-to-End Supply Chain Roadmap
François Martin-Festa, Supply Chain Global Planning VP with Schneider Electric, talks about what their end-to-end supply chain roadmap initiative entailed, and the challenges that the company has encountered along the way.

(Duration: 10:32)
How Roland DG Corp. Is Building a Customer-Centric Company
Zoltan Pekar, VP Global Supply Chain Division of Roland DG Corp., discusses how the company became truly customer-centric by transforming their supply chain to connect the entire organization, from manufacturing to customers.

(Duration: 10:14)
Anritsu Forges a Proactive Supply Chain
Anritsu was determined to get out of its "firefighting" mode and craft a supply chain built around being proactive and managing exceptions. Dave Stenfort, Director of Operations, explains how they did it.

(Duration: 10:54)
What's Driving Change in Supply Chain Planning?
In this roundtable discussion, industry leaders discuss how companies are meeting the challenge of big data, the Internet of Things, and the need for change management -- all with the goal of improving the planning function and achieving end-to-end supply-chain visibility.

(Duration: 21:00)
Trinity Rail: Building a Sense-and-Respond Supply Chain
Realizing that "the forecast is always wrong," Trinity Rail has opted instead to focus on creating a "sense-and-respond" supply chain to deal with real-world developments in demand.

(Duration: 10:18)
Amgen Transforms Its Supply Chain Planning
Paul Collier, Supply Chain Senior Manager of Amgen, talks about the major initiatives the company has undertaken to improve supply chain planning, collaboration and regulatory compliance.

(Duration: 11:36)
First Solar: Challenging the Norm in Supply Chain Management
First Solar has set out to create a centralized network that will allow it to share forecast data with suppliers upstream, and customers downstream. Systems Analyst Cameron Sulfaro describes the initiative, and what it has achieved to date.

(Duration: 8:49)
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