While the benefits of outsourcing are many, the lack of end-to-end supply chain visibility and the subsequent loss of control to coordinate activities across a multi-tier supply chain are creating volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

A tactical exchange of data node-by-node through the global supply chain is no longer sufficient in today's business environment. To achieve supply chain planning excellence, brand owners must be able see, evaluate and react to demand and supply changes across multiple tiers in minutes (not days or weeks), and then work as a team across functional and organizational boundaries in real-time to determine the most profitable response to the demand/supply changes.

In this white paper, learn about:
  • The technology challenges associated with working across multiple supply chain tiers
  • The tie between visibility and collaboration
  • How Agilent (now Keysight Technologies) created a vertically integrated planning process across their multi-tier supply chain environment

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Achieve multi-tier supply chain visibility in multi-tier environments

OEM supply chain planning excellence across the extended supply chain