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The ultimate S&OP toolkit

A special gift for your S&OP processes

You're just one click away from learning how to make your slow and stagnant sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes more agile and efficient. Download the ultimate S&OP toolkit now and discover how to start making better decisions, faster with shorter and more agile planning cycles.

  1. S&OP in the 21st century eBook: Your system for navigating the modern business
  2. Sales and operations planning for business orchestration white paper: Four requirements for making the transformation
  3. Powering the future of S&OP eBook: 3 capabilities to fuel your journey
  4. Supply Chain Planning solutions guide
  5. Nikon case study: S&OP for more accurate and flexible processes

In this toolkit, you'll discover:

  • What it takes to develop flexibility, responsiveness and end-to-end visibility in S&OP
  • What foundational capabilities you need and how concurrent planning plays a pivotal role
  • How Nikon evolved its S&OP cycle to improve planning speed and accuracy, and reduce inventory

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Lockheed Martin

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